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Sophie the Elf & Frank the Reindeer

11/3/2017 (Permalink)

Community Sophie the Elf & Frank the Reindeer Sophie and Frank taking the SERVPRO Green Machine on a route.

Earlier this week, Sophie the Elf and Frank the Reindeer from the San Dimas Chamber stopped by our office to live a day as a SERVPRO sales representative.

Here is a blog post written by Sophie about her experience as a SERVPRO employee:

“Before coming to SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park, I did not know anything about restoration or what it took to be a sales representative for this business.

When I first arrived to the office, everyone greeted Frank and I with a warm welcome and open arms. We even got our own SERVPRO merchandise so we truly looked like members of the SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park family. Then we were able to learn all about the operations behind SERVPRO and the services they provide from the franchise owner, SERVPRO Joe himself.

Once we learned all there is to know about SERVPRO, we headed over to the sales office to prepare for our route. Before we could leave for our sales route, we had to prepare the pop-by gifts that the sales representative drops off to the various contacts on this route. Once we got everything put together, we headed off on the road. I was even able to drive the SERVPRO Green Machine with Frank “riding shotgun”. We made stops all around San Dimas and even got to stop at Civic Center Park to enjoy the nice Southern California weather we were having.

I had a fun, eventful day as a SERVPRO sales representative, and overall it was a great experience. I can’t wait to visit my friends at SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park again.”

Annual Holiday Food Drive

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

Community Annual Holiday Food Drive SERVPRO Supports the Glendora 2017 Holiday Canned Food Drive

This November, SERVPRO Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park will go to the Williams Education Center cafeteria to assist the Glendora Community Coordinating Council (GCCC) in the sorting of canned food for their Annual Holiday Food Basket Program.

The GCCC began collecting food late September by placing collection boxes around the Glendora area at locations such as the Glendora Public Library, Glendora High Scholl, and Glendora Police Department. They also connected with institutions who have participated in past years to make donations.

The food is then taken to Williams Education Center where the sorting took place.  The SERVPRO team will help sort cans of vegetables, beans, corn, canned fruit, and other non-perishable items, moving them from overflowing boxes and bags into organized and categorized groups on the cafeteria tables. Once sorted, another team of volunteers will came through with packing lists and assembled boxes. Each box gets a variety of food items in addition to food vouchers.

One key purpose of the GCCC is “to mobilize a voluntary association of community organizations to support it’s citizens.” SERVPRO has been able to utilize our employees and equipment resources to aid the GCCC on several occasions.

SERVPRO learned of GCCC’s food project through the Glendora Police Department’s Community Services Officer Nita Ulloa-Pedroni. SERVPRO’s Sales Manager, Doug Beach, reached out to her looking for a new way for SERVPRO to serve the community and Ulloa-Pedroni suggested GCCC’s Glendora Holiday Food Basket event. 

Mr. Greg Gillham is the lead coordinator for the event, fostering the relationship between SERVPRO and GCCC. He is a retired electrician working with GCCC, Kiwanis Club, and other local charitable organizations.

Last year, SERVPRO aided GCCC in completing approximately 250 food boxes that will be distributed to needy families in the Glendora community during the Holiday Season. GCCC will also deliver part of the food collected to the Shepard’s Pantry in Glendora.

The Santa Ana Winds

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage The Santa Ana Winds Fire Caused by Santa Ana Winds

As Southern California residents, we know that the autumn season brings pumpkin spice lattés, trendy cardigans, and the Santa Ana winds.

The Santa Ana winds are strong down slope winds that blow through the mountain passes in southern California. The three ingredients for the perfect Santa Ana wind are high winds, dry trees and bushes, and low humidity. These three things together create “critical fire weather” conditions for most of Southern California. Critical areas include the San Bernardino Mountains, the Inland Empire below Cajon Pass, the Santa Ana mountains, and the Foothills.  

Santa Ana winds can reach wind speeds anywhere between 30 mph and 75mph, with some winds reaching 115 mph at times. These high speed winds can send trees and power lines toppling making driving conditions treacherous, especially for high profile vehicles. Fires can also be quickly spread with these winds and could cause great damage.

In the event that the Santa Ana winds cause damage to your home or business, don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park for all of your restoration needs.

Hurricane Watch 2017

10/2/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Hurricane Watch 2017 Hurricane Irma

The 2017 hurricane season has proven to be intense and highly active. This may be because of the ideal conditions for a lot of big, powerful storms. These conditions include low wind shear and high ocean temperatures.

On average, 12 tropical storms form in the Atlantic during hurricane season and this year has already seen 13. Of these 13 named tropical storms, eight were hurricanes and of those, four were major hurricanes. These major hurricanes have been Category 3 and greater and hurricane season still has two months left to go.

 Hurricane Harvey hit Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana, dropping 19 trillion gallons of rain water on the unfortunate cities in these areas. The heavy rains triggered unprecedented flooding, that is estimated to cost $180 billion in damages, which is more costly than Hurricane Katrina was.

Hurricane Irma was the next hurricane and quickly became one of the strongest ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. Irma set the record for most intense storm for a long duration with wind speeds of 180mph blowing for 37 hours. Irma began in the Florida Keys before rolling through both Florida coasts causing much damage and knocking out power to millions of people is some areas.

Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico and was the strongest storm to hit the island since 1928 when the San Felipe hurricane terrorized the island. All of Puerto Rico lost power and was plagued with many flash flood warnings. The storm thrashed the island with winds over 100mph and more than 30 inches of rain.

People are still reaping the affects of these hurricanes and the total damages are still unknown. As a Certified Large Loss Response Team Franchise, SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park has access to Semi-truck Trailers of emergency equipment and hundreds of experienced personnel so if any of these areas affected by hurricanes need us to respond, we can be there in a moment’s notice.

Team McCann to the Rescue

8/23/2017 (Permalink)

Community Team McCann to the Rescue Team McCann

Colton, Finn, and Parker are the first to be called at SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park to handle any Residential or Large-Loss Disaster in the San Gabriel Valley or LA Basin.

Here at SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park, the boys specialize in disaster restoration, cleanup and repair services. Colton, Finn, and Parker help to remedy damage, making it “Like it never even happened,” for both commercial and residential customers.

In addition to Team McCann, we also have a team of highly trained restoration specialists. The SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park crew is equipped with the knowledge needed to restore any property. Our crew's main goal is to restore a property back to preloss condition quickly, reliably, and effectively

Thunderstorms in Southern California

8/1/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Thunderstorms in Southern California Thunderstorms in Southern California.

The weather in southern California this time of year proves to be perfect for beach trips, picnics, and any other summer fun. What most people don’t know is that it can also be perfect weather for thunderstorms, which can potentially be dangerous. The highest risk areas are cities in the foothills including Azusa, San Dimas, Glendora and La Verne because flooding can do the greatest amount of damage in these areas.

Thunderstorms occur most often during the warmer months and thrive under specific conditions. The two most basic elements of a thunderstorm are moisture and rapidly rising warm air. The two biggest threats associated with thunderstorms are lighting and flash floods, which are very dangerous because they can come on suddenly and cause massive amounts of damage. The presence of lighting can cause wildfires if the storm contains very little rain while flash flooding can cause property damage and great loss.

Keeping an eye on the weather forecasts will prove to be beneficial in avoiding loss from storms. Also, if your home or business does suffer from damage at the hands of a thunder storm do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park. During a storm, SERVPRO can assist by putting temporary covers on a property until the roof leaks can be properly fixed. After a storm, SERVPRO can clean-up water inside of a property that may have been caused by heavy rains.

Regency Inn, Baldwin Park Fire

8/1/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Regency Inn, Baldwin Park Fire LA County Fire Unit at Regency Inn fire in Baldwin Park

Across the U.S, fire departments respond to approximately 3,500 structure fires in hotels and motels each year which result in over $84 million in direct property damage.

The Regency Inn hotel located in Baldwin Park, California added to this statistic earlier this year. The cause of the fire was unknown but one unit on the third floor was completely charred. The Los Angeles County Fire Department was quick on the scene and contained the fire to one room to prevent anyone from being seriously injured. However, 18 units suffered extensive smoke damage.

SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/ Baldwin Park was called to aid in the restoration of the hotel.  As a Large Loss Response Team (LLRT) Franchise, SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park has access to Semi-truck Trailers of emergency equipment and hundreds of experienced personnel along with subject matter experts in specialties associated with large loss events. The restoration that SERVPRO will be performing will be asbestos abatement, smoke clean-up, and smoke and fire remediation.

No water or fire restoration project is too large or too small for the Team at SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park. 

Wind Storm in California

7/31/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Wind Storm in California Composition Roofing Material Blown off a Residence in California Winds.

Sometimes a storm may take on other qualities other than one of rain or snow fall. 

In Southern California, there are frequently natural disasters that take the form of Fire and/or Wind.

SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park helps recovery efforts from Fire and Wind storms and the damage they cause homeowners and businesses every year.

Recently, in Hacienda Heights California, there were unusually high winds that gusted locally to such high speeds that residential roofing materials were blown off homes causing the owners the expense of repairs along with the additional risk from exposure to water damage with possible seasonal rain storms.

Wind Storms that occur in California generally are seen in the Summer and Fall months.

The so called Santa Ana winds are strong, extremely dry down-slopewinds that originate inland and affect coastal Southern California.  Santa Ana winds are known for the hot dry weather that they bring in the fall (often the hottest of the year), but they can arise at other times of the year as well. 

Seasonal Santa Ana Winds are a source of potential property damage to homes and businesses that SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park can help customers recover from.

Insurance Offices in Diamond Bar, California

7/25/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Insurance Offices in Diamond Bar, California Fire Sprinkler System Failure in an Insurance Office

Thursday, July 20, 2017, a fire suppression line burst in the first floor under the concrete slab of a commercial building located in Diamond Bar, California.    SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/ Baldwin Park is called in to support Emergency Services. 

Fire Suppression lines are high pressure water lines intended to safeguard the building in the event of a fire.  Ocassionaly, these lines can break and lead to very large volumes of water being released quickly, causing a lot of damage to the building.  The rupture in Diamond Bar flooded the entire 1st floor, approximately 25,000 square feet.  The first floor of the facility is a mix of offices and open cubicles, conference rooms, lobby, and kitchen/break room areas. 

The interior/exterior of the walls of the structure are steel framed and insulated.  Standing water was found in the C-channels and the insulation was saturated.  Drywall was wet up to 24 inches throughout the facility.  Upon arrival, 2-4 inches of standing water was present throughout the first floor.  Water extraction of the entire area was performed and necessary drying equipment was set in place. 

SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park has been a “Large Loss Response Team” serving the Los Angeles Basin for many years.   This project will be expertly handled, keeping the time to get back to normal as short as possible and keeping the cost to recover as low as possible.

There is no job too big or too small for SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park.

"Working Together"

7/17/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage "Working Together" Working off-hours to support the affected business

Commercial Water Loss projects are generally costly not just because the expense of the restoration can be higher based on the larger size of the project, but also from the potential lost business that will be a concern if normal operations are disrupted.

SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park has been very good at working with commercial customers over the years who have been concerned that the restoration process could be expensive from the point of view that their customers will not be able to continue using the business during the recovery.    

Routinely, SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park will work with the business owner to schedule the restoration work to minimize potential lost business.    

One way to handle this challenge is to perform the restoration off peak-business-hours so normal operations can continue during the day with a minimum of impact.     We were able to arrange this work plan with Bixby Knolls Carpet in Orange California early in 2017.  They had a loss that required we set up our containment barriers after business hours, working through the night and early morning and removing the barriers so the showroom could be available to customers during the day.    The business owner was very grateful for this cooperation and experienced very little impact to their business during the restoration. 

Another way we help minimize operation losses to businesses is to schedule the recovery for extended hours, at times, performing the clean-up on a 24 hour work plan to expedite the completion.    Given circumstances where operating the business in parallel with our cleaning crews is possible, or, if there is no way to operate until the clean-up is completed, performing the restoration as quickly as possible could be a critical decision when planning the restoration work. 

In 2016, we were able to perform our restoration on the AES Inc. Manufacturing Plant in Upland by performing the restoration in parallel with the normal operations of the facility.  At the same time, AES and SERVPRO acknowledged that the AES and SERVPRO employees would be working around each other and a loss of efficiency could result to both companies.  A mutual decision was made that the most effective approach would be to work our clean-up crews on a 24/7, 7 days a week schedule until the work was completed, which minimized the overall impact to both companies.

Whatever lengths may be necessary to assist in keeping the overall cost of the loss as low as possible, SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas & Irwindale/Baldwin Park will do what it takes to help the customer recover from the disaster with a minimum of disruption.